I found myself in an unexpectedly unfortunate situation where I moved into a house with a terrible landlord. After 3 months of living in that house, which had numerous problems that the landlord would not fix, I decided to cut my losses and leave surrendering my security deposit. That said I needed to come up with first, last month, and a security deposit, as well as moving fees to get moved into another, much better house.

I called Ally and explained my situation and requested a deferment. I got off the phone feeling like everything was taken care of, and made my monthly car note payment 1 month later. That's when I received an e-mail from my credit reporting agency that my car payment was noted as being over 30 days late on my car payment! I was outraged! I logged into my Ally account and sure enough, the deferment wasn't processed at all! On top of that they added a late payment fee onto my account.

I tried calling Ally again, and spoke with someone who said they noticed what happened and were going to correct it as well as remove the late charge and fix my credit report. I hung up feeling as though the problem was corrected and I could go back to having a normal account.

7 months later, I am still fighting ally over this very same issue. I have been making my payments on time, and I have been calling them 1-2 times a month trying to get someone to remove all the late charges as well as the credit dings they are adding to my credit report monthly. They keep telling me that someone from the "Credit Team" will contact me and review my account to remove the late charges and the numerous 30 day credit hits that have been added. To this day Ally has not contacted me a single time.

Note to Ally: You advertise as being a people friendly bank, but you outsource to people who can't even understand us on the phone. Where's the sense in this? Why can't I speak with someone in America?


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