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The account reps at Ally are RUDE, inconsiderate, and unwilling to listen.While I understand that they have a job to do, it is not their job to yell, curse, or to speak negatively to ANY consumer.

I spoke to a representative this morning, James, who not only called me by the wrong name three times, but also told me that it wasn't his problem that I couldn't pay my bills. I had surgery this week and my payment is late by 12 days. They do not accept payments online by credit/debit card. He told me that the only way I could pay was to drive to a payment location.

I again reiterated to him that I had just had surgery and could not drive.His response was "I can't help you then." How many companies do not allow their customers to make online payments or try to work with them when they are trying to make a payment?


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Chicago, Illinois, United States #914557

Ally is absolutely the worst bank in history. I can't even begin to detail how inept these folks are. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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