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Ally is the worst bank I have ever done business with.It started 9 months ago when they switched from automatic payments (which we were enrolled in) and then they, without telling us, switched to manual payments.

My wife got a phone call from them, literally the day I was deploying, saying that we were delinquent on our payments. My wife then had to call me as I was in the airport, literally about to board an airplane. She needed me to call ALLY and give her privileges to the account. I called, and after spending 15 minutes on the phone trying to figure out why the automatic payments stopped, I dedicated my efforts to getting her approval to make payments on the account since I was in the middle of boarding the airplane at that point.

This was in May of 2015, it is now January of 2016 and they STILL have not added my wife to the account. My wife has called every month since May to try and get things figured out, as to why the automatic enrollments stopped, not to mention all while having to call them to make manual payments. She has spent over SIX hours on the phone with these people, who by the way hardly speak a word of *** English, and she gets no where. Every time you give them new information, they pause, you can hear typing in the background, and then they read like an automated response the script in front of them.

Sometimes they get lucky though and actually have meaningful information to say, but the other 99% of the time they just suck at life. We had gotten my wife a Power of Attorney prior to my deployment for situations like this. But apparently a Power of Attorney carries no weight for ALLY. My wife was unable to get anywhere with them, yes, even after 6 hours on the phone.

Finally, in December of 15', I was fed up. I called them myself when I was back from my deployment. Our car had just had some major engine issues and we wanted to pay off the car to trade it in. But wait, we still had a late charge for when the payments shifted from automatic to manual (without them telling us, remember?).

I disputed the payment, guess how long that took me? TWO hours. There's more, after being transferred from agent to agent and demanding to be put on the phone with a manager, I finally got to a "manager"...pffttt...haha...what a joke! Side note: their managers didn't speak English either by the way.

Our late fee was $116, but for some reason they could only wave $100. I told them that wasn't good enough and I demanded to talk to a "real" manager. They said, it would take 24-72 business hours to call me back. What is a business hour you ask?

That's the same question I had. Basically, it's there way of saying 3-9 days without making it sound that bad. I will give them this, they did call me back the next day. Unfortunately, I was driving home in an area of poor coverage.

In my last ditch attempt to try and get the guy to call me back the next day, the phone coverage died out. Did I get a phone call back? A voice mail? Anything?

Ever? What do yo think? If you're waiting with bated breath in hopes that they redeemed themselves, it is now time for you to suffocate. Because we were trying to get the car traded in and needed the title I elected to just swallow the $16 and make the payment.

We were going to pay off the car and have them ship the title. But it couldn't have been as simple as making an online payment. No, if we wanted the title quicker, we had to get a cashiers check for $1100, the final payment of the car (+ $16 of course) and send it to their address. We elected to do that so we could get the title as fast as possible, so we spent an extra $19 to overnight it and get the title electronically sent to us.

We called the next day to make sure they had received our payment, but found out that we were unable to get an electronic copy. This was on a Thursday. They said it was not possible to get an electronic copy (conveniently after we spent $19 to overnight the payment to them) and then informed us that they could fax it to us. I don't have a fax machine, so I gave them my work fax #, hoping to get a copy of the title the next day.

Walked in to work in the morning and went straight to the fax machine. NOTHING. I had even told 3 people the day before to watch for it for me. NOTHING.

But wait, I could call them again, right? And spend another hour on the phone? Right? I gave it my best shot, panicking to get my title I called them for one last attempt.

But my title had shipped out so they couldn't send another fax. Was it expedited? Of course not, it was sent snail mail, expecting a total travel time of 2 to 3 weeks.

Good thing I spent that extra $19.

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WOOOWW!!!Im sorry about your experience with FraudAlly smh..

I am experiencing somewhat the same issue with them.

I am just glad im almost done with them.I would NOT suggest anyone to these thieves!!!!

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