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I over the years have lease several of my cars through Ally Financial when I leased through Chrysler. Since I know how Ally financial operates when you turn in your lease. My wife and I took pictures of the car expecting Ally to place bogus damage claims on the car so they can charge the customer. How do I know this because it has happened to us before. The car we turned in was in very good condition and about 8,000 miles under the lease mileage requirements.

As we suspected we sent a letter days later that we owed over $800 for various dents and scratches etc. We reviewed the images that they sent more for amusement purposes and had no idea what they were referring too. We called Ally Financial and talked with multiple supervisors who guaranteed that someone would contact within 24-48 hours but that never happened. One month later we received notice that the car was sold and we owed the final payment of $707.

Once again we called Ally and after being shifted to 4 separate departments we were able to talk with someone and the supervisor informed us to upload the images and send your dispute to a specific email. Several days went by without anyone from Ally ever getting back to us. We finally called back and once again being transferred to 3 different supervisors we were told that Ally Financial stands by their claim that we owe them $707 and our pictures and complaints was not valid enough to question their decision. Obviously very frustrated with Ally and knowing their history in the pass. I believe it is very important for all customers who are offered to finance a car lease through Ally. You ask for other options of financing if possible. I have one more car lease next month to turn in with Ally and I expect the same *** customer service and every attempt that Ally will fraudulently screw us for more money. I have NO DOUBT.

I have obviously learned and the last several leases I went through the dealership approved credit union banks. If I lease a car and the company only finances through Ally, no matter how much I like the car I will walk away.

I tell all my friends and family about the seedy side of Ally and to avoid leasing through them because the way and the process of how they evaluate your lease turn in is in my mind horrendous and unethical. I subsequently paid the amount since I had no other recourse at this time and if I delay or not pay they will threaten your credit score.


Mark and Lori Marrone

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $707.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Type your mPlease avoiding leasing a car through Ally Financial they will fraudulently charge you for damages on your car that do not exist. Happened to me multiple times and despite pictures disputing their claims.

It goes on deft ears. Possibly the worst customer service of any major company I dealt with in a long time. You have no one of challenging their findings.

Someone needs to check into their car lease return process, very unethical inspectors which are supported by their company. Would not be surprised if the inspectors get a percentage of money back to them in exchange for finding and billing damagesessage here

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