I had to leave town for a family emergency so I did not have the money to pay my payment on time so I called and asked to defer the payment went through the process and paid them some and they would send me a letter to sign and send back for the deferment to be official.I received the letter a few days later signed it and sent it back in there envelope the next day.

a few weeks went by and my credit score tracker sent me an alert my score has changed it dropped by 50 points. because Ally put me in as not paying them for last month. I called them and they said I did not sign the document BUll-S--T. I asked them to send me the document and it will take 1-2 weeks.

even if I did forget to sign it by mistake you would think they would of called or sent it back to me to do so. that would of been costumer service. not just ding my credit score because I was trying to do the right thing. next time I will save the headache and send it in late if I run into this situation again.

oh yea this is the first payment I have missed in 1.5 years. they suck.

I will use my credit union from now on no matter what good financing they are offering.I did have a good score until now so I probably would not qualify anyway


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they are wrong! save your time. file a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau http://www.consumerfinance.gov/


Please report to the CFPB and contact the consumer protection agency in your state.Ally has HUNDREDS of complaints Like this.

I had deferments that were marked late. Deferments where one part of payment was suppose to be just interest and the second principle, but they took principle out of that 2nd part of deferment payment.

Please look up Ally Autos Unhappy Customers.You will find good information and help for this situation!

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