In August of 2013, I attempted to make a deposit to my Ally Bank checking account, but the bank refused the deposit.I asked for my check back, and instead of that, Ally Bank cashed my check, put the $13K in their own account, and sent me a new check cut on Ally Bank.

I have attempted to deposit this check into another account, to no avail. The second bank told me to take it back to Ally. Now I have a $13,000 check cut on Ally that nobody will cash, including Ally, where my $13K is.

Repeated requests to Ally and Michelle Sosin (Executive Resolution Specialist) have yielded nothing.Ally Bank has now had access to my $13K for sixty-one days and counting as of this writing, with no indication they will ever return my money.

Monetary Loss: $13000.


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I have had a similar problem with Michelle Sosin as well. She closed my account in retaliation for me reporting Ally Bank to the Utah authorities, for their REFUSAL to close and replace a debit card, that was involved in the Home Depot Data Breach.

They caused me to not be able to get insulin, which at the time as a new Type 1 (genetic) diabetic, could have very well killed me. I ended up in the hospital twice to take insulin, at $3000 a pop, thanks to Ally Bank.

This is absolutely insane, and Ally, aka GMAC, should be run out of the banking business.


My situation is not the same as yours BUT Ally has a problem with holding my money for an excessive amout of time (no interest paid to me) If theres ever a law suit against them for this- sign me up!


Stop complaining and deal with it. If you don't like it, then take your money elsewhere. It's only 13k, stop acting like it's the end of the world, loser.


any update on this?

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