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I've been with ally auto financing for two years. Bought 2014 Kia Optima brand new for 300.27 a month through ally mobile app.

January 11th 2017 I made my payment on the app as usual and accidently hit an extra 0 making my payment 3,000.27. I called ally they said go to my bank at Wells Fargo and file an unauthorized payment to be reversed. My banker and branch manager took it off along with insufficient charges everything was fine. Then today 1-19-17 ally re-submitted the 3,000.27 payment that we had reversed adding an extra 190.00 late fee even tho I made my usual 300.27 payment immediately after mishap was corrected.

I called customer service and was told there was nothing they can do. So I spoke with someone higher named James. He said he would call corporate taking care of it and call me back in few hours. Then he called said they're very sorry but cannot do anything about it.

I'm disabled with MS on a fixed income with a baby boy due February 19th. I have no groceries, gas ECT. & Stuck with a -2989.00 in my checking acct. Because of refusal to reverse the mistake taking zero responsibility for there illegal actions.

Evil ally deception cost me and family everything with no mercy tho I was never late making 300.27 payments past 2 years. Evil greedy corporate bankers with zero heart or compassion for great customer dispite disability.

I'm sueing ally for there evil deed against honest civilian doing best I can. God have mercy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ally Financial Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Ally Financial Cons: Customer service and staff.

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Broke and pregnant with nothing to offer! No food?

Your mistake and you blame everyone else!

Another waste! That kid has no chance!


Nice story, MS with a kid on the way......god bless and all that jazz. No matter what payment method you use, it goes over the info a second time and makes you verify before submitting. Yes, they are *** for not working with you, but you are the source of your own mistake.


First off, as YOU stated in YOUR report, all this happened because YOU made the mistake to start all this. Let's make that FACT very clear.

Go back to your bank again and get it reversed. You must then get back with Ally and work this out.


Everyone makes mistakes, but good businesses do not take advantage of it and also treat people poorly. I would not have found this post if I wasn't highly pissed off at the terrible customer service, inaccurate information, and un kept promises I've experienced through Ally.

And maybe it is more their business partner Goldfein Claims, but Ally is paying them to provide a service.

Terrible job! Shame on both of them and shame of you!


I'm Austin Weldon, author of this review which is 100 percent factual truth!!!!


No one is disputing the accuracy of the post, they are saying you are the original party at fault. Adding exclamation points doesn't make your point more valid!!!!!!!!

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